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London Burlesque 2017!

This year Leather & Feathers had a London outing! Katerina was in town with her family, and was excited to have Trixie, Daizie, and Penni come visit! We had some plans about performing in London, but our stay ended up being to short to fit in performances, the London Burlesque Festival, sight seeing, and day trips to Stonehenge and the country side.

Katerina had a pretty bad cold for most of the time in the UK, but she didn’t let it get her down too much. Trixie and Daizie had a night out in SOHO while she recovered enough to make it to the Tattoo Revue with Trixie and Penni the next night.

We also had an impromptu photo shoot and ate all the food. London is a great city and we can’t wait to get back and perform there next time!