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Online Burlesque Classes!

Wow! This is BIG NEWS! Katerina and Trixie are working on ONLINE burlesque classes! But not just ANY burlesque classes. We want to bring you the BEST burlesque classes. It seems to us the biggest draw back to in-person classes is that you only get to learn from one or two teachers – usually local. In-person classes ARE great – for one they allow you to connect to your local scene – they also limit students in some ways. We wanted to design a class where students can learn from the very best performers, producers, make up artists, stylists, costumers, choreographers, and dancers, from EVERY corner of the WORLD. Thus was born Glitter Goddesses Burlesque Workshops!

We aren’t trying to replace in person classes for stage performers! Oh no, we KNOW that stage experience is important and in person classes are priceless. What we ARE offering is a very awesome option for those just getting started and wanting to see if they love burlesque. We are a great fit for busy professionals, moms, people who are shy, and those who want to learn from an array of world class teachers.

This six week course takes you from beginning to end of creating a burlesque persona and crafting your very first act. There will be weekly guest classes, and all teachers are offering one on one tutoring for only $20 a session. We are committed to watching you THRIVE!

We offer an alumni troupe for graduates, and a once a year live charity show for students to showcase their acts. This will take place in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas!

The very best part of this class is the cost. For this week only, we are offering the ENTIRE 6 week course for only $65. This price is ONLY to celebrate our grand opening – and the price WILL go up in the future.

We are so excited to bring you this course, and looking forward to watching our students come alive as burlesque stars ūüôā¬†Burlesque Class

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Performer Spot Light!: Innocence

The first time I met Innocence in person was at the Alice in Wonderland Nerdlesque show we were both performing in. I was struck by how open, friendly, and optimistic she is. This is a person who is not afraid of hard work, has a HUGE heart and is open and welcoming to everyone. She is also an incredibly talented dancer and performer. I am thrilled to shine the Spot Light on this lovely cast member!

L&F: How did you get started in performance and what brought you to burlesque?

Innocence: I was born right here in Sin City. I started performing with my grandmothers senior tap troupe “Nevada State Troupers” when I was 7 and with Silvers Doll Dancers a performing troupe. I was a varsity cheerleader and shortly after High School I started stripping at Dream Girls. I have stripped in Arizona, New Mexico, New Mexico,Illinois, and Nevada before retiring in 2010. While visiting a friend at the Orleans Casino during Viva I saw his schedule which had a burlesque showcase , and burlesque bingo. I said,”what is this” and “how can I try?” Shortly after I started researching how to to get my g-string on the stage I found an ad for nerdlesque submissions. I messaged Penni and she welcome me right away. Since then I’ve been kittening and watching as much burlesque as I can both video and live. I just recently volunteered at BHOF. I saw the showcases and met the legends. It was awesome and truly inspiring I really feel like I fit in here and am so proud to consider myself a part of this beautiful burlesque community.¬†Katerina HoneyBunny was the 1st person i talked to in the burlesque community she was very helpful and encouraging

L&F:  You are performing in our DC vs Marvel show as Supergirl. Can you tell us a little about why you chose that act?

Innocence: I chose supergirl because she’s a super hero. She wears a cute outfit and boots. I like her because she is shy and awkward in her “normal” life and she can do a costume change faster than a speeding bullet!

There you have it folks!! Don’t miss our beautiful and talented Supergirl in action this Thursday at Artifice at 8:30 pm! First night of the Amazing Comic Con in Las Vegas, come in your cosplay finest and join our costumed after party! ¬†You can get your tickets here



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London Burlesque 2017!

This year Leather & Feathers had a London outing! Katerina was in town with her family, and was excited to have Trixie, Daizie, and Penni come visit! We had some plans about performing in London, but our stay ended up being to short to fit in performances, the London Burlesque Festival, sight seeing, and day trips to Stonehenge and the country side.

Katerina had a pretty bad cold for most of the time in the UK, but she didn’t let it get her down too much. Trixie and Daizie had a night out in SOHO while she recovered enough to make it to the Tattoo Revue with Trixie and Penni the next night.

We also had an impromptu photo shoot and ate all the food. London is a great city and we can’t wait to get back and perform there next time!


Performer Spot Light

Performer Spot Light: Coko Vegas

For our first Spot Light, we are pleased to present our social media extraordinaire Coco Vegas! Coko has been with us from our very first Leather & Feathers show and is a multi talented performer Рhe dances, performs on pole,  teaches pole classes, composes spoken word, and helps back stage in the most graceful and seamless manner.

Katerina: How did you get into performing?

Coko:  I first started performing at 9 years old on Flute, which saw me through a 14 year music career on flute. When I put that instrument down after getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, I never left the music industry, I just changed my roleРa role I am still crafting to this day.

Katerina: What has Leather & Feathers given you as a performer?

Coko: The L&F performance brand gave me a new lease on the scope of what I could perform. Flags, Pole & Spoken word are all such mediums I have performed under the feathered wings of the show. And much like that simile, I was given a chance to leave the nest of comfort with a gentle push, and I took flight like never before seen in my performer life.

Katerina: How do you see yourself growing as a performer?

Coko: Today, I now focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of attraction and promotion in the service industry. In December of 2015, I had lost everything in my life due to addiction. I now am taking my Recovery seriously, and manifesting that Gift into all aspects of my life, to the best of my ability. CoKo Vegas is still alive and well, it is just that now, he is healing, and helping others shine. The dynamic story of the Phoenix is present in my life. I am grateful to the people, places and all predecessors of Love and Light that the L&F show carries, it helped me save my life.


To learn more about Coko you can visit here:¬†Coko’s Truth¬†or follow him on Instagram¬†¬†or Facebook¬†


Looking Back At Our First Year

Our first year was pretty epic – larger in fact than we had anticipated it could be. We had planned for just one, super fun, show – and instead we got a residency at our first venue! Over the year we have had a taboo show, a trip through time show, and we are soon to have a DC vs Marvel show. We have have had monthly shows, twice monthly shows, and even months with 6 shows in them! We had the honor to work with an amazing and diverse cast of performers – this video is our homage to them. Thank you for everything you have brought to our stage ‚̧


Leather & Feathers Presents DC vs Marvel!

We are very excited to bring you an amazing show full of sexy super hero’s and vampy villians. Only $25 for two FULL shows and costume party with live DJ to follow! Local specials for you Las Vegas desert dwellers.

Not only is this show one we have all worked very hard on, and that we are super excited about, it also coincides with the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Come in your best cosplay and see if you will win best dressed!

Get your tickets now:

Leather & Feathers PresentsDaizie Jane Chamrness