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Online Burlesque Classes!

Wow! This is BIG NEWS! Katerina and Trixie are working on ONLINE burlesque classes! But not just ANY burlesque classes. We want to bring you the BEST burlesque classes. It seems to us the biggest draw back to in-person classes is that you only get to learn from one or two teachers – usually local. In-person classes ARE great – for one they allow you to connect to your local scene – they also limit students in some ways. We wanted to design a class where students can learn from the very best performers, producers, make up artists, stylists, costumers, choreographers, and dancers, from EVERY corner of the WORLD. Thus was born Glitter Goddesses Burlesque Workshops!

We aren’t trying to replace in person classes for stage performers! Oh no, we KNOW that stage experience is important and in person classes are priceless. What we ARE offering is a very awesome option for those just getting started and wanting to see if they love burlesque. We are a great fit for busy professionals, moms, people who are shy, and those who want to learn from an array of world class teachers.

This six week course takes you from beginning to end of creating a burlesque persona and crafting your very first act. There will be weekly guest classes, and all teachers are offering one on one tutoring for only $20 a session. We are committed to watching you THRIVE!

We offer an alumni troupe for graduates, and a once a year live charity show for students to showcase their acts. This will take place in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas!

The very best part of this class is the cost. For this week only, we are offering the ENTIRE 6 week course for only $65. This price is ONLY to celebrate our grand opening – and the price WILL go up in the future.

We are so excited to bring you this course, and looking forward to watching our students come alive as burlesque stars 🙂 Burlesque Class


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