Performer Spot Light

Performer Spot Light: Coko Vegas

For our first Spot Light, we are pleased to present our social media extraordinaire Coco Vegas! Coko has been with us from our very first Leather & Feathers show and is a multi talented performer – he dances, performs on pole,  teaches pole classes, composes spoken word, and helps back stage in the most graceful and seamless manner.

Katerina: How did you get into performing?

Coko:  I first started performing at 9 years old on Flute, which saw me through a 14 year music career on flute. When I put that instrument down after getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, I never left the music industry, I just changed my role– a role I am still crafting to this day.

Katerina: What has Leather & Feathers given you as a performer?

Coko: The L&F performance brand gave me a new lease on the scope of what I could perform. Flags, Pole & Spoken word are all such mediums I have performed under the feathered wings of the show. And much like that simile, I was given a chance to leave the nest of comfort with a gentle push, and I took flight like never before seen in my performer life.

Katerina: How do you see yourself growing as a performer?

Coko: Today, I now focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of attraction and promotion in the service industry. In December of 2015, I had lost everything in my life due to addiction. I now am taking my Recovery seriously, and manifesting that Gift into all aspects of my life, to the best of my ability. CoKo Vegas is still alive and well, it is just that now, he is healing, and helping others shine. The dynamic story of the Phoenix is present in my life. I am grateful to the people, places and all predecessors of Love and Light that the L&F show carries, it helped me save my life.


To learn more about Coko you can visit here: Coko’s Truth or follow him on Instagram  or Facebook 


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